4 Ways to Be A Responsible Pet Parent

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It’s February and love is in the air.

While many of us think of Valentine’s Day, Being A Responsible Pet Parent is a month-long February event dedicated to celebrating and caring for our fluffy, loved ones.

Today, we’re breaking down four ways you can be a responsible pet parent to celebrate Being A Responsible Pet Parent month throughout February.

4 Ways to Be A Responsible Pet Parent

1.   Safety First!

Nothing shows care and concern for your pet, like making sure they are properly secured when traveling. The Los Angeles Times states that it’s estimated that tens of thousands of car accidents are caused yearly by unrestrained pets. These accidents could result from a pet distracting their owner by chewing the upholstery, jumping in their lap, trying to get their owner’s attention, or becoming ill during the car ride. All of these factors put both the driver and other riders, including your beloved pet, at risk.

Many dogs also die each year riding in truck beds, and many more pets die from jumping out of moving vehicles.

To keep your pet and all passengers safe during a drive, restrain your pet with specially made safety seat belts for pets. A variety of safety restraints are available, including chew proof safety belts and bungee safety belt leash sets.

Nothing shows you care more than keeping your pet as safe as possible!

2.   Give Your Pet The Attention They Deserve

Just like us, our pets need plenty of mental stimulation and playtime. Toys, playtime, training, and puzzles are crucial to keeping our pets entertained, active, and happy.

Take time each day to give your pet what they want most in the world - time and attention from you!

Get down on the floor with them and play fetch or surprise them with a fun puzzle toy they have to figure out to get their treat. Even a new style of treat, like these dog and cat stix, provides a delicious challenge. Whatever you choose, give your pet a chance to have quality playtime with you every day so that they remain active and happy.


3.   Guard Your Pet Against Harm

As much as we’d like to think that our pets are safe from harm, there are many dangers to keep them safe from. Being responsible for a pet means doing everything in our power to keep them safe. Take time, at least once a month, to analyze your pet’s living situation.

Look for the following:

  • Are they securely fastened? Are their collars and leashes in good condition? Are the windows, doors, fences, and pet gates in your home safe?
  • Do you regularly leave your dog or cat outside alone? Do they wander? We recommend checking out our previous piece on Pet Theft Awareness here for more information about keeping your pet safe from kidnapping.
  • Are there any dangers your pet can get into at home? Easy to reach foods, vitamins, and prescription medications are just a few things to watch out for. If you can, get cord protectors to prevent your pet from chewing on wires and babyproof any cabinets, like the cabinet under the sink where many of us keep dangerous cleaning chemicals stored.
  • Double-check your pet’s ID. Ensure your pet’s ID tag is up to date and the information your veterinarian has on hand about your pet is correct.


4.   Provide Your Pet With Proper Veterinary Care

Above all else, providing your pet with excellent medical care is crucial in being a responsible pet parent. A veterinarian can monitor your pet’s health, help you make better lifestyle choices for your pet, and treat your pet should they become ill. Regular veterinary appointments can mean the difference in your pet living a much longer and healthier life.

Along with regular veterinary care, healthy lifestyle choices are crucial. Help your pet to stay hydrated with a nice set of water and feeding bowls. If you have a large dog or pet with arthritis, we offer lifted feeding bowls to encourage them to drink more water with less strain on their joints.

We hope these tips gave you some ideas for continuing to show your pet love!


Happy Responsible Pet Parent month - give your pet a kiss from us!

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