5 Reasons to Start a Pet-Care Business Today (and How to Do It)

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5 Reasons to Start a Pet-Care Business Today (and How to Do It)

There's no denying that people love their pets. And though pet owners aren't always able to spend the time they'd like with their best pals, they are inclined to pay for the best products and services to ensure their animals are happy. That's why there's no better time to start a pet-care business; here are the details on the why — and the how — courtesy of Le Pet Luxe.

You Can Niche Down for More Profits

While offering all-around pet sitting services can help you grow a business, specializing is a great way to do what you love and scale your earnings.

For example, dog sitting at your clients' homes may be doable. But caring for smaller, caged pets in your own home might be preferable. Or, maybe you have a particular affection for farm animals, so would favor ranch stays where you tend to horses or cattle. A specialization can cement you in clients’ minds as an expert, and referrals can come rolling in.

Caring for exotic or less common pets doesn't mean losing out on business, either; Statista confirms that while dogs and cats are the most popular pets in the US, fish, reptiles, and birds are close runner-ups.

Consider pet ownership trends in your area and choose a specialization that benefits your bottom line and your customer base. Then, customize your business offerings to suit that demographic.

Product and Service Options Are Endless

Deciding what service or product (or both) to offer depends on your interest level and what resources you can access.

For example, maybe you love pets but have allergies to dander. Starting an eCommerce store to sell pet products might be the best way to express your love for furry friends.

If you love being active outdoors, dog walking might be the perfect fit. For entrepreneurs with plenty of property, caring for larger animals — or even setting up a doggie daycare — might be part of the business plan.

Think about what you'll enjoy and the expenses and responsibilities involved before diving in.

Pet Branding Can Be Loveable

Pet care is a popular industry, so developing a recognizable brand will be instrumental in reaching your target customers. While you can use your own name, establishing a DBA ("doing business as") allows you to create branding and scale your marketing efforts.

Businesses using a DBA can also use the business name for bank accounts and websites. You may even create an LLC, then file DBAs under it to expand your service or product offerings under different brand names.

Payment Processing Can Be Seamless

Accepting cash was once standard, especially for casual services like dog walking. But now, a formal payment process is crucial for ensuring you're paid on time and can track your earnings.

Establish clear payment terms (and rates) for your clients, and prepare to accept multiple payment methods like credit cards, Venmo, and PayPal. To look even more professional, use an invoice maker, free; you can generate invoices from a template for quick and easy processing.

Feel Good About Promoting Products

Whether you offer standalone services or service plus a product, choose brands you can trust. If you're managing pet mealtimes or restocking a treat stash, reviewing products becomes even more crucial. Check for product reviews from trusted professionals like veterinarians, and be aware of common allergies in your customer (pet) base.

For example, Rover points out that many dogs are allergic to dairy and certain meats. Cats are especially susceptible to harmful ingredients in flea treatments or shampoos. No matter the species or breed you care for or the products you stock, aim to recognize possible pet health hazards so you can minimize risk — and help pets stay healthy.

When you love animals, launching a pet-focused business is a great way to earn a living while doing something that warms your heart. From purchasing the perfect pet care items to making transactions seamless for your human clients, each small step adds up to a lucrative business model that can scale as far as you want it to.


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