Can Rottweilers Handle Cold Weather? All You Need To Know

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We all know how hard it is for us during winter. The cold weather certainly does not do us a favor in any way, and we adjust most parts of our daily routine according to the weather during this time.

Have you ever thought about how your dog manages when it’s cold outside? It’s tough for them, too, and they must find a way to handle it with your help.

Some dogs have coats that are made to withhold the cold temperature, whereas others may not have such characteristics that support them during winter.

Most Rottweiler owners are concerned about their pet’s ability to withhold the cool climate. Do Rottweilers like the cold? Here is the answer to this and more about how Rottweilers handle cold weather.

Do Rottweilers Like The Cold?

Rottweilers may not look like they are mainly built to handle cold weather. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will shy away from going out in the cold. They will be bold enough to step out in the snow.

Rottweilers are active and energetic dogs and love to play outside. Therefore, they will run outside the moment they get the chance. They particularly love to play with children and other family members.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should keep your Rottweiler out in the cold for too long. They shouldn’t be outside full-time in temperatures below freezing.

Can Rottweilers Handle The Cold?

Yes, Rottweilers can handle the cold, even at very low temperatures. Some Rottweilers seem fine even in temperatures as low as 14 Fahrenheit. However, it is recommended to supervise your Rottweiler when it’s under 40 degrees.

Rottweiler has an outer coat that provides insulation in the cold and keeps it dry. Its insulated double coat can handle the cold weather, although you shouldn’t keep them out for a long time.

Rottweilers In Cold WeatherRottweilers In Cold Weather

Rottweilers are native to Germany and have an inherent ability to withstand extremely cold conditions. Rottweilers were bred as working dogs that could handle cold weather.

If you give a Rottweiler the choice of playing inside or outside on a winter day, they will choose the latter. Their coats are solid and dense, isolating against any temperatures. 

Due to this, Rottweilers drop their coats twice a year. They grow a new coat for the new season, and it grows back thicker than before. 


How Cold Is Too Cold For Rottweilers?

You must pay attention to the temperature level when your Rottweiler is outside. Although Rottweilers handle cold weather well, you should stay alert once the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

It should not be out for too long in cold weather. If the temperature falls to 20 degrees or below, it’s too risky for Rottweilers to be outside.

It also depends on your Rottweiler’s age. Your Rottweiler won’t be able to bear the cold well as it gets older. Their ability to withstand extreme temperatures reduces as they age.

Even a Rottweiler puppy will not be able to withstand cold weather as much as a young one can. If you have a puppy, be mindful when taking it out in the cold, and don’t keep it out for long.

How To Keep Rottweilers Warm?

Centralized heating will work well when living indoors in keeping your Rottweiler comfortable throughout the cold season.

However, extra care should be taken regarding Rottweilers that live outdoors. Significant changes are required in their diets. They will need more liquids to keep their bodies warm.

Rottweilers should be fed a liquid-based diet that includes soups to get the much-needed liquids. 

Proteins and fats are also essential nutrients for Rottweilers during this time, so don’t skip feeding them stew foods.


Exercise During The Winter

Whether cold or hot outside, exercise is essential for your Rottweiler to stay healthy and active. However, your Rottweiler could get stubborn when exercising or training in winter.

Therefore, you need to take extra measures to ensure that it does not skip training and exercises during this period. 

You can use a training collar made explicitly for stubborn dogs to get your Rottweiler going during the cold season. Read this article for more information on these.


Tips To Take Care Of Rottweilers In Cold Weather

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding caring for Rottweilers in cold weather.

  • If it feels too cold for you, it’s the same for your dog. If you are inside and see your dog out in the cold, bring it in too.
  • Age plays a significant role, so if your Rottweiler is too old or young, let it stay indoors.
  • Dry temperatures of more than 40 degrees should be suitable for your dog. Anything below that should be monitored carefully.
  • Adjust and monitor food and liquid intake when it’s cold outside. More liquids, the better to help it stay warm.
  • Exercise is essential even during winter.
Rottweiler Coat And Insulation

Rottweiler Coat And Insulation

Rottweilers have a double coat that helps with insulation. A double coat consists of two layers of coat growing independently. The top coat usually contains thick hair that protects the inner layer and skin from the cold.

The undercoat, which is the bottom layer, is typically softer. Due to the double coat, regular brushing is essential for managing shedding.


Final Thoughts

Rottweilers love the outdoors and will use every opportunity to play outside. The cold weather will not keep it from doing so.

You may send your Rottweiler out to play in cold weather. However, be mindful of the temperatures, as they should not fall below 40 degrees.

Anything below 20 degrees is downright dangerous for your Rottweiler. Also, if your Rottweiler is too old or a puppy, avoid keeping it outside in cold weather for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Temperature Is Too Cold For A Rottweiler?

Anything below 20 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for a Rottweiler. Although they have a double coat, keeping them out for too long in such low temperatures could be dangerous. 

Is It Alright To Keep A Rottweiler Outside?

Rottweilers love to play outdoors as they are very active and energetic. However, you shouldn’t keep them out for too long if it’s cold outside. Reduce outdoor playtime and focus on introducing more indoor games during this season.


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