Happy K9 Veteran’s Day! 5 Ways You Can Support K9 Veterans

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As we approach March 13th, we want to shed some light on an important day that can be overlooked - K9 Veterans Day! K9 Veterans Day

K9 Veterans Day is dedicated to the brave canines that have been trained to protect humans, such as police dogs, military dogs, messenger dogs, and bomb detector dogs. K9s perform a wide variety of critical tasks that result in many saved lives. A lot of the functions they perform are considered highly dangerous specialties within the military and police work.

At this time, K9 veterans depend on the charity of others to be taken care of after their service.

While many lawmakers are working to provide funding for K9 veterans, they currently rely on adoption and the charity of others. This is especially true when it comes to funding their sometimes-extensive veterinary bills, which are often a result of injuries sustained during their service.

Today we want to bring attention to some ways that we can support K9 veterans.


If you’re financially able to, consider donating to Project K-9 Hero, an organization dedicated to assisting K9 heroes who are retired and no longer supported by the government. At this time, they rely solely on donations to provide for these dogs. Check out their donation form here.  

Every donation helps provide food, medical assistance, and more to these brave heroes.

Share K9 Veteran Information Online

Use hashtag #NationalK9VeteransDay to share this post and other information about K9 veterans online. Sharing information over social media has a ripple effect that leads to thousands of people seeing information, and it only takes one person to start the ripple!

Even if you’re unable to donate at this time, just passing this information on to others is a beautiful way to bring awareness to an important issue.

Looking to Adopt?

If you’re looking to adopt, consider adopting a retired K9 veteran in need of a home. Project K-9 Hero has an adoption application form that you can fill out here if you’re interested in providing a home to one of these brave dogs.

Donate Needed Items to A Facility or Shelter

Another way to donate is through gifting a facility or animal shelter needed items for these brave K9s. For example, many K9s are forced into early retirement after a debilitating injury during service.


Reach out to one of the many K9 charities available to see about donating dog mobility wheelchairs or ramps to help K9 veterans who may need more help getting around. Wheelchairs and ramps can dramatically help a dog’s mobility and give them a chance to be running and moving around again.

Learn More About K9s

As previously mentioned, the work that K9s do is widely varied, and most of us don’t realize how many vital tasks these remarkable dogs do.

Educating ourselves and others about K9 work is one way to increase exposure about their important cause and increase pressure on lawmakers to provide support to these brave dogs after they age out of their line of work.  

Dispelling myths about military dogs is one way to go about this. Check out this piece by the military on the 9 biggest myths about military working dogs for more information.

Thanks for taking the time today to learn more about K9s and what we can all do to help these brave veterans out. Don’t forget to share this piece using hashtag #NationalK9VeteransDay to bring more awareness to this important cause!

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