Happy National Mutt Day! 4 Reasons Why Mixed Breed Dogs Are Amazing

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Happy National Mutt Day! That’s right. There is an entire day dedicated solely to celebrating our furry mixed breed dog friends. National Mutt Day was started to bring attention to the fantastic mixed breed dogs in need of attention, love, and furever homes. Happy National Mutt Day! 4 Reasons Why Mixed Breed Dogs Are Amazing














Let’s break down some reasons why mixed breed dogs are just as important and unique as their purebred cousins!

Mixed Breeds Tend To Have Less Health Problems

Purebred dogs are more prone to health problems due to their lack of genetic diversity. Mixed breed dogs have genes from several breeds, which allows some of the recessive disorders of particular dog breeds to be overpowered by healthier genes.


Mutts being healthier than purebred dogs is backed up by many studies. The Institute of Canine Biology has found that purebred dogs are 42% more likely to have at least one of the ten genetic health disorders studied. In addition to this, the Arizona Pet Vet Family of Animal Hospitals found that mixed breed dogs typically have longer health expectancies.


This is not to say that a purebred dog can’t outlive a mixed breed dog or that a mixed breed dog can’t have genetic health problems, but mixed breed dogs tend to have fewer health problems overall, which is a significant benefit!

Mutts Are Unique

While some pet parents prefer the distinct look of a Pug or German Shepherd, a mutt gives you a totally unique combination of looks that is unlike any other dog.

Mutts are unique, special dogs that have their own combinations of physical and emotional features. Your dog may pick up their intelligence from one parent and their goofiness from the other. They may shed less due to their mixed genes or have a one of a kind fascination with tracking like a Bloodhound despite looking like a Chihuahua. This gives you the chance to have fun experimenting with different toys to personalize your pup’s routine and fun sweaters to match their unique, one-of-a-kind personality


Adopting a mixed breed pup means having a completely unique and different combination of physical and emotional traits. This, in it of itself, can be a fun adventure!

Mutts Are Less Expensive

Purchasing a dog through a breeder can quickly become expensive, not to mention the time investment needed to look for a reputable, certified dog breeder that you trust. Adoption fees tend to be less expensive overall. You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars by adopting a dog from a shelter rather than purchasing a dog from a breeder.

All Dogs Love Us As We Are

Unfortunately, mutts are regularly passed over in shelters in favor of their pedigree cousins, and they tend to spend more time waiting to be adopted as a result. Whether your dog is from a renowned breeder or the local dog shelter, you can count on them to love you unconditionally.


Mutts are just as impressive and important as their purebred cousins. You won’t miss an ounce of “dogginess” when you adopt a mutt into their furever home. Choose to adopt a mixed breed dog from a shelter - we promise you’ll receive just as much love from them!


If you’re unable to adopt a mutt, consider donating much-needed products, like dog blankets or dog toys to keep them happy and warm until they can be adopted from a shelter or rescue! Whether you have a mutt, are looking to adopt one, or just want to help out in honor of National Mutt Day, we hope you take another look at these frequently overlooked dogs and show them some love!


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