How to Be a Fantastic Pet Owner While Living in Two States

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It can be hard to know whether or not you’re being a good pet owner since your four-legged friend doesn’t speak your language. And when you’re splitting your time between two states, it’s easy to become even more insecure in your pet ownership abilities.

Fortunately, you can structure your life so that you and your pet flourish wherever you are. Below, Le Pet Luxe has provided tips for establishing a healthy routine and boosting your quality of life in a multi-state living arrangement.

How to Be a Fantastic Pet Owner While Living in Two States

Buy Good Products

Learning to spot high-quality pet products is an excellent place to start. We’ve all paid way too much for a leash or bed that lasted all of two months. When purchasing pet items to keep in your homes, use expert review sites that offer veterinarian recommendations on every type of product. That way, you’ll know you were buying something good every time.

Doubling up on the essentials will help your pad quickly adjust each time you move between homes, and it will also make your travel less stressful. Think about what your dog or cat needs to have a safe, healthy, and happy day. Then, make a list and start shopping. You can quickly find the right colors, cat trees, dog bones, puppy treats, food bowls, and other items and have them shipped straight to your door.


Take Them to the Vet

Prevention is always better than reaction when it comes to your pet's health. Ideally, you’ll never need to wait for signs of illness or condition before taking your furry companion to their veterinarian.

Ensure you have a reputable vet in both cities, and consider going for a visit every few months if you are traveling a lot. Whatever you do, don’t rely on yourself to diagnose your pet’s health and wellness.


Spend Quality Time With Them  

It’s always important to spend quality time with your pet. Yes, that’s going to be harder to do when your life is hectic and you’re moving to and fro. But never take for granted the bond you have with your pet. Be intentional about nurturing your relationship by planning regular visits to the park, play times, and adventures.

Also, try not to leave your pet home alone for lengthy periods. Find a trusted sitter in both cities for when you must leave.


Be Consistent

Even if your life feels routine to you, remember that traveling and new environments can cause pets severe anxiety and stress. Try to give your dog or cat as much consistency as possible. Equipping both homes with pet essentials is an excellent first step, but make sure your pet’s day-to-day life is similar wherever you are.


Pay Where It Saves

Did you know that you can choose which state to purchase your insurance, vehicle registration, and other necessities? Say, for instance, you split your time between Arizona and California. Take the time to research the cost of insurance policies and purchase plans in the cheaper state. By the way, this even works for pet insurance!


Plan Around the Costs  

Finally, knowing the cost of living in different areas of the country helps you plan financially and save you from unexpected obstacles. Regularly research the prices of essential services so you can stay prepared. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • A 5x5 self-storage unit in San Diego Averages $88.14. Fortunately, you have a number of choices for San Diego storage.
  • A mid-level health insurance policy in Bozeman, MT averages $539 per person.
  • The average Atlanta, GA resident spends $312.95 on groceries each month.
  • If you want to undergo a basic kitchen renovation in Orlando, FL, you can expect to pay between $11,000 and $16,000.
  • Pet owners in Chicago, IL pay an average of $92 a day for pet boarding.

You and your pet can live high on the hog although you have homes in two different states. Remember to use vet-recommended pet products, research self-storage units, and follow the other tips above to position you and Fido for a happy and healthy life. You might be surprised how much your furry companion smiles as you go from place to place!

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