Keeping Your Pets Safe on 4th of July

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Fireworks, noisy parades, loud music, picnics, and other 4th of July traditions can be great and fun for people. However, all of the festivities can be traumatic and even dangerous for our fur babies.

More pets go missing around the 4th of July than any other time of year. You get to enjoy a spectacular light show, while your pet experiences terrifying explosions attacking to their senses.

Without understanding these noises, pets become frantic and often run away. This Independence Day, be prepared beforehand and help your pets celebrate the evening free from fear.

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Here are simple tips on keeping your pets safe:

  1. Stay inside:
  • Try to keep all your fur babies indoors at all times during holiday celebrations. The celebration may begin a few days before and extend several days beyond.
  • If possible, stay home with your pet.
  1. Keep your windows and doors securely closed:
  • Your fur babies can try to get out of the house due to these frightening noises. Make sure all the windows, doors, curtains and blinds are securely closed.
  • Block off all pet doors and ensure that all yard gates are intact and securely blocked.
  • Provide your pets with a safe and secure area within the house. This might be their crates or a small room. Be sure that they have fresh water and some of their favorite toys with them.
  1. Avoid the noise:
  • Bring them to an area where the sounds are more muffled.
  • Try to distract your fur babies by turning on the TV or playing music. TV/Music is a helpful way to calm your fur babies and can help muffle the sounds of fireworks.
  1. Make them feel safe:
  • Comfort your pets and stay nearby if possible.
  • Your presence can be calming. A good petting session or massage can help as well.
  • Act normal. Stay on your normal routine as much as possible.
  • Use food dispensing toys, like Kong’s or edible bones for your fur baby to keep occupied and distracted.
  1. Keep them away from the BBQ:
  • Sudden changes to your fur baby’s diet can make their stomach upset.
  • Certain foods like onions, avocado, grapes, and chocolate can be highly toxic for them.
  • Grills, charcoal, and lighter fluid can hurt your fur babies.



If you need to take them outdoors for any circumstances, prepare in advance:

  • Be sure that your fur baby is wearing a collar that has a license and a readable, up to date identification tag on his/her properly fitted collar.
  • Microchip, or the QR code ID tag is an excellent means of tracking/identifying your pets. It can greatly improve your chance of getting your fur babies back if they become lost.
  • Take a current photo of your fur babies just in case.


It is up to us to keep our fur babies calm and comfortable. Follow these tips to make your fur baby feel safe and secure this Fourth of July and minimize the likelihood of your fur baby getting lost. With a few simple precautions, you can ensure you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July holiday – including your furry family member!

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