Most Dog-Friendly Cities in Arizona

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Arizona is a true paradise for settlers and visitors alike. With its sunny weather and beautiful sights, it's hard to resist the charms of the Copper State. While we've established it as an excellent place for people, the question is, is it as good for our furry friends? And if so, what cities are considered the most dog-friendly cities in Arizona? Lucky for you, we've taken the time to do the research, and the answer is coming your way!A person walking her Golden Retriever on the sidewalk

The Most Dog-Friendly Cities in Arizona You and Your Pooch Will Enjoy Spending Time In

Before getting into what the best communities for your pup are, let's explain what's considered a community that's suitable for a canine in the first place. In general, a dog-friendly city is any city that makes living with a dog a comfortable experience. And by comfortable, we mean that it has ample access to vet offices, pet stores, enough pet-friendly apartments and places available, along with parks or trails where you can take your dog for a walk or hike. The cities we've got here fit the bill. So, without further ado, let's see what they are!


Most people believe Tucson to be not only one of the best cities in Arizona for dog owners - but consider it the best one! There are plenty of reasons why that is. For instance, have you known that the city can boast of a minimum of 100 pet-friendly resorts and hotels? Some of them even offer special pet-related services! Furthermore, there are many local parks in the area, some of which allow off-leash walking. Among popular destinations to take your doggie for a walk is Sweetwater Preserve, which features an abundance of trails and is just a short drive away from Tucson. Most of these require a leash, though, so make sure you inform yourself of regulations before heading there.

A lot of local shops and eateries welcome these four-legged cuties. Even a place such as Pima Air and Space Museum allows for their presence.

In all honesty, if you are looking for a perfect place to settle down with your pup, Tucson might very well be it. If you are moving long-distance, however, bear in mind that the whole process will be a tough experience. For you, certainly, but even more for your dog. As moving is complicated even without a pet, it's recommended that you contact experts to provide help with it. That way, you'll bring both of your stress levels down to a minimum.


Scottsdale ranks pretty high on the list of cities that welcome fur babies with open arms. It's even considered one of the best cities for dogs in the whole of the US! Quite a number of local shops, restaurants, venues, hotels, and parks are open to dogs.

The reason behind the city's high ranking lies in the fact that there are plenty of clinics out there that focus on canine healthcare and pet healthcare in general. Subsequently, pet stores that sell food and other necessities are pretty frequent. Apartments in Scottsdale, on average, tend to be a bit larger than their counterparts in other Arizonian cities, making them more suitable for life with dogs as they ultimately have more room to roam around them.

With the city getting more than 300 sunny days a year, you might find it especially great for daily walks around the neighborhood. On top of that, quite a lot of those are easily walkable, further proving the previous statement.


Other people-favorite and with that, one of the most dog-friendly cities in Arizona, is none other but its capital, Phoenix. As far as the activities to do with your fur baby go, well, you're in for a treat since there's so much you can do here!

Among popular spots to visit with your dog is Camelback Mountain. It features multiple trails, both easy and hard to climb, making it suitable for hikers (and dogs) of all fitness levels. Exhaust your pup by having it run around Echo Canyon - the trail on top of the Camelback Mountain.

Like other dog-friendly cities, Phoenix can also boast of local parks that allow for canines. There are numerous dog parks with fenced areas for added safety. Residents and visitors typically take their furry friends to one of the following dog parks:

  • Mesquite Dog Park
  • Cielo Grande Dog Park
  • The Water Tower Dog Park

Certain restaurants and coffee shops are dog-friendly, and so is the Desert Botanical Garden. And guess what? Should you wish to do so, you'll be able to take your doggie with you to a hot air balloon ride provided by Skyline Balloon Adventures.


Tempe is another destination that's just like made for you and your pup! The city offers dog owners everything that a dog owner might need to lead a comfortable life with their pet. There are plenty of dog events occurring every year, along with animal shelters where you can adopt a pet. Tempe has enough clinics and pet stores available, along with groomers, daycare facilities, and trainers.

The city has no less than six dog parks where you can take your bud for that much-needed energy release. The most popular dog parks in the area are located inside Tempe Sports Complex and Mitchell Park. While a leash is required before entering the park, your canine friend is allowed to roam absolutely free once inside the fenced area. Numerous dog-friendly restaurants and hotels are there to accommodate you both, as well.

To conclude

Well, what are you waiting for? Take the journey to one of the most dog-friendly cities in Arizona! We are undoubtedly sure you'll fall in love with them and would not look back.


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