National Adopt A Senior Pet Month

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Just a week before Thanksgiving break, and families all over the nation are preparing the family festivities. However, there are also people out there who are considering expanding their own families through adoption. That’s right, many families are considering adopting an adorable pooch or kitten to take home with them today! Thanks to all the awareness that has been spread about animal shelters, many more pets who were once abandoned are easily finding their forever home. 

However, when people go to animal shelters, they often have their eyes on the young puppies and kittens, instead of the lovely senior pooches. This year, we want to remind families that are going to be adopting to consider adopting a senior pet, one that is older than at least two years. Here are five great reasons why you should do this: 

  1. Older pets are often easier to train. Are you looking for a dog or cat that you can teach easily, then senior pets are for you! Compared to younger pets, the seniors are much calmer and more obedient, as they have either received regular training in the past or simply have a better attention span. So if you want to skip the potty training, a senior may be for you.
  2. Have a pet with a “chill” attitude. If you or your family tend to be very busy people, then you know how hard it is to give attention to your loved ones, including your favorite pooch. This can be hard on younger pets; puppies and kittens need tons of attention during all times of the day, so neglecting this can be burdensome on both you and your pet. However, older pets are much more laid back, and thus require much less energy. You don’t need to worry about supervising it as often, which can fit perfectly into your schedule.
  3. Senior pets are more appreciative. Trust me, they would rather be at home with you than be at a shelter. Your pet will greatly appreciate every extra treat, cuddle time, and even a couple minutes of attention. You are much more likely to bond well with an older dog or cat than you are with a younger one, despite what others may tell you. Want to return the love? You can show how much you care about your senior pet by giving them a pet helper such as a wheelchair or a fashionable life jacket that can be used for any occasion! Your pet will thank you in the long run, especially when they get to have even more fun with you with the help!
  4. Save tons on furniture and carpentry. The best part about older dogs? They are often already trained and housebroken. This means you can save a ton of time and money, so soiling is much more unlikely. Along with this, older dogs are likely trained to not chew on your furniture or (gasp) your shoes, so this can be a great advantage for you! 
  5. Get discounts for taking in a senior pet! Oftentimes, choosing an older pet will make you eligible for discounts when filling out the adoption applications, as every shelter is more than ready to make sure every senior pet can find their forever home. Check with your local animal shelter to see what discounts they may offer for the senior pets, and find your new forever pet! 

Remember to spread this advice to any hopeful future pet owner, especially to those who may have especially hectic schedules and thus less time to train and take care of pets. Stay safe out there, and we hope you have a great rest of your week! 

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