Thanksgiving Food Dos and Don’ts for Dogs

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Hey pet lovers! As we get closer to Thanksgiving dinner, we want to remind you to appreciate everyone, including your dogs! In homage for pets everywhere, we’ve collected a short list of do’s and don’t to follow this Thanksgiving season to keep both you and your dog healthy and happy! 

Thanksgiving Dogs

DO keep an eye on all your Thanksgiving food! Dogs can be quite sneaky; move your head away from the table for ten seconds, and suddenly the dog is already licking your turkey! Of course, not all households may have this problem; if you have housebroken your dog, you may be quite lucky. However, don’t depend on this; always keep an eye on your food, and ensure that your pet is nowhere near those tasty goods. If you have to leave the room, make sure you have someone else to look over the food, or that the food is well out of reach from your dog! 

DON’T feed your dog cake! As yummy as delicious sweet treats may be, raw batter is rather harmful to both humans and dogs. Ensure that all of your batters are out of reach from your pets, and don’t let your pets anything near raw egg; eating batter with raw egg can pose risk for contracting salmonella, and you don’t want that! 

DO be careful when feeding your dog turkey. Turkey is great for the entire family, and there is no problem with feeding your dog little bits of turkey. However, make sure that when feeding your dog, the turkey is fully cooked - you don’t want to put him or her at risk for e-coli or salmonella! 

DON’T feed your dog bread dough! Move the raw bread dough away from your pet. If your pooch were to ingest this, the yeast in the bread can continue to convert the dough into carbon dioxide and alcohol, according to ASPCA Humane society. This can cause bloatedness and even symptoms of drunkenness in your pet, something you do not want. Make sure not to have raw yeast or anything with yeast near your pet, just to be safe. 

DO take the time to research the different types of food you are allowed to feed your dog! They deserve a full thanksgiving dinner too, right? Even though some thanksgiving foods are not suitable for dogs, there are plenty of other foods on the Thanksgiving table that any pet can happily enjoy! This includes but is not limited to: turkey breast, certain vegetables, baked bread, salmon, cheese, and stuffing! Be sure to do a quick google search to ensure that what you're feeding your pet is okay for them! Don’t have the time to research it all? Consider preparing your pooch a separate thanksgiving dinner of their own, consisting of a variety of treats and foods that they are sure to appreciate. We have a wide assortment of dry foods, wet foods, and treats you can choose for your dog in our stores, so make sure to check them out! 

DON’T give your dog the leftover turkey carcass! As much as you may like to believe it, not all bones are okay for dogs to chew on. Turkey bones can be problematic for the digestive tract, so it’s best to avoid giving your pet these leftovers. Instead, try investing in a chew toy for your pet to munch down on — both safer and long lasting! 

We hope this article was helpful. With that being said, we at Le Pet Luxe wish you and your family a great Thanksgiving this year! Remember to stay safe during these hectic times, and good luck with the rest of the festive season! 

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