The Best Interactive Dog Toys to Keep Your Pet Entertained

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Dogs are a man’s best friend. And not just a best friend but a part of the family. They bring so much joy, excitement, and joy into our lives and improve everything. However, every pet owner will tell you this; sometimes, they can be a lot. Especially those big hyperactive dogs that need a lot of physical activity and attention. But sometimes, you need to focus on something, a project, or an important phone call, and your dog won’t let you. Or the weather is terrible outside, and you can take your dog for a walk, and he is just incredibly bored. This situation can be frustrating for a dog owner and the dog. In these times, it’s good to have a little help. That’s why we made a list of the best interactive dog toys to keep your pet entertained in situations like these.

Best interactive dog toy

Caption: Your dog will play on their own with these best interactive dog toys, and you won’t have to participate as opposed to with regular toys Alt text: Man playing with his dog

Best interactive dog toys

What sets these toys apart from regular dog toys is that they stimulate your dog’s mental abilities and, most importantly, keep them entertained without you having to participate. This is helpful in many situations when you need a little help taking care of your dog. For example, moving cross country with pets. In this situation, you must get your dog ready for the move and buy some fun interactive toys to keep your dog busy. Otherwise, you are risking a cross-country move from hell. Or when you have a lot of guests over, and you need something to calm your pet and keep him busy while you are entertaining your guests. In these situations, the best interactive dog toys are:

  • Kong dog toy
  • Hyper Pet Doggie Tail
  • Tumbo Tugger Tug-Of-War Toy
  • Interactive Floppy Fish

yummy peanut butter 

Caption: Most people put peanut butter in their Kong toys Alt text: A bowl of peanut butter

Kong dog toy

Let’s start with a classic. Kong is one of the best interactive toys there is, and it has been proven time and time again with excellent feedback from happy customers. It is incredibly effective in keeping your dog entertained, but it is also quite affordable and easy to use. The concept is simple, you take the Kong toy (it’s red with a hole in the middle) and stuff it with your puppy’s favorite treats. This encourages the dog to use his intellect and problem-solving skills to figure out how to get to the treat. Dogs can play with this for hours and give you much-needed free time. You also can stuff it with whatever you choose, as long as it’s safe for your pup. People most commonly put peanut butter. The toy is made from a non-toxic material and is entirely safe for your pet. Depending on your dog’s size, you can also choose a different toy size.

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail

The next spot on our list goes to Hyper Pet Doggie Tail toy. The idea behind this toy comes from the fact that one of the dog’s favorite activities is chasing after other animals. Mainly the tail. Dogs love running after cats and trying to grab their tail, and this is a toy designed to use that fact to your advantage. It is in a shape of a fluffy tail, and it moves and vibrates. It moves for a while, then stops and starts to move again only if your dog touches it. This toy can keep your dog entertained for hours. It is really affordable at around 15 dollars, and you will also need a couple of batteries for it. If you need to leave your dog alone for a few hours, this toy should do the trick and save him from boredom. Many people gave this toy excellent reviews and called it life-saving.

pit bull sleeping with plush dog toy 

Caption: This toy is entertaining, but its soft plushy look also calms your dog’s anxiety Alt text: Dog sleeping with a plushy toy

Tumbo Tugger Tug-Of-War Toy

The following interactive toy on our list is perfect for those hyperactive dogs requiring a lot of daily physical activity. It is also quite a simple toy. It consists of stretchy ropes and cords that you hang on a tree in your yard or on some sturdy high pole in your home, and that is all. After that, you just let your dog’s instincts surface. Your dog will immediately start jumping and trying to reach the rope in the air. And if you want to ensure your dog is safe, you can take a soft, warm doggy blanket and put it underneath the place the ropes are hanging. This will keep your dog entertained, but it will also be an excellent workout. It is perfect for those days when you don’t feel like running after your pup and taking him for a walk. It comes in two different sizes for small and large dogs.

Interactive Floppy Fish

This is an interactive dog toy designed to keep your dog entertained but also calm at the same time. A lot of dogs struggle with anxiety that comes from all kinds of sources. They are scared of thunder, or they have separation anxiety. Whatever it is this toy can help. It looks like a simple fluffy stuffed animal, but it moves around in order to instigate playfulness in your dog. It has sensors, and it senses when your dog is running towards it and grabbing, and then it starts moving, “flopping” like a fish, and this makes puppies feel like they are playing with another animal. Due to its fluffy look and movement, dogs don’t feel alone when they have this toy. It is incredibly helpful when dealing with separation anxiety in pets. It makes them feel relaxed and calms their nerves until their owner comes back home. It comes in the shapes of many different types of fish, so you can choose which one you like best.

In conclusion

These are the best interactive dog toys to keep your pets entertained for hours. As you can see, they are all very affordable and easy to use. The concept of the toys is extremely effective and extremely successful. Don’t wait; get some of these toys, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your dogs happy in some stressful situations.


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