The Digital Nomad Life and Your Pet

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The Digital Nomad Life and Your PetEveryone has their own idea of freedom. Some people go one step further and live life as a digital nomad. If you’d rather live in temporary housing while exploring the world, you know you're part of the digital nomad tribe. Pets can be digital nomads, too. They can travel with their pet parents without complaints. Read on for some pointers from Le Pet Luxe.

Support Yourself

Technology is a digital nomad’s best friend. More jobs than ever can be done remotely in Chandler, AZ, which, as Nomads Embassy points out, means that you have more career options that help you live the life you want. Virtual assistants, web designers, travel writers, video editors, and translators are all jobs available to digital nomads. You can even find websites and social media groups to help you connect with like-minded people and build a network.

There are also resources to help you find talent should you need to outsource certain tasks. Look online for a staffing agency in Columbia that can provide you with an alternative to a traditional agency. Such portals can provide you with instant information about pros that specialize in the type of work you want to assign, with fee ranges and ability to get a short list of the best available freelancers. A remote staffing agency can act as your personal recruiter, all the way up to the point of interviewing candidates.

Find Pet- and Tech-friendly Rentals

A Piece of Travel notes that there are many options nowadays for travel rentals, but not all of them are suitable for digital nomads. Look for digital nomad-specific communities and rentals in Columbia, SC, that allow you to maintain your technological independence while interacting with others. Nomad communities may also connect you with longer-term rentals, which can save you travel fees. Renting private and non-private homes is also available, but it’s recommended to book in person. It’s often better to see your rental before you decide to book. Consider investing in an RV if you're having trouble finding pet-friendly rentals while staying close to home. RVs can be customized and secured based on your individual needs.

Keep Your Pet Healthy and Safe

You need to keep your pet healthy when you're traveling. Regular checkups, staying up-to-date on medications, and administering flea and tick preventatives are all necessary duties of having a pet. While visiting different veterinarians in each state you visit is a possibility, signing up for pet insurance in Arizona can help save money. You have options when it comes to pet insurance, so look beyond premium costs and search for necessary benefits such as nationwide coverage availability, coverage limits, and provider reputation.

Keeping your pet safe can be a challenge, but investing in plenty of toys, treats, and restraints can keep your pet occupied and calm. Look into a pet kennel, then train your pet to use it. Make a list of groomers, trainers, and other pet specialists in case of an emergency. Feed your pet a few hours before you start a trip so they don’t soil your vehicle or hotel room. Getting your pet microchipped and planning your route for pet-friendly stops can ensure your pet's safety.

Communicate With Clients

Distance can impede communication with clients and customers, but technology has provided many solutions. Video chat, collaboration tools, social networking, and email are some of the pet-friendly tools you can use to talk to your team members and clientele. You can also visit an internet cafe, granted it accommodates pets while you work. Maintaining your professionalism and practicing face-to-face communication are still valuable skills in any workplace.

Life on the Road With a Pet

It is more than possible to enjoy life on the road as a digital nomad while bringing your four-legged friend along. However, it does take some planning to ensure your pet has what he or she needs while you work. Remember to find your niche as a digital nomad, outsource work when needed, keep your pet healthy and safe, and communicate clearly with clients.

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