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The everyday commute can get boring when you do it alone. Having your dog there with you will make commuting more fun and exciting. You can spend more time with your best friend without losing focus on your job. When commuting with your dog, you must follow these tips and tricks for everything to go well and stress-free.

Pack all the essentials for the commute

Always bring all the essentials, no matter how long the commute with your dog will be. Doggie bags are a must when you take your dog anywhere. You will help keep the environment clean, and people will appreciate it greatly. A transportable water bowl is essential, especially during hot weather. Speaking of which, always check the pavement temperature during summer before commuting with your dog. If it seems too hot, buy protective shoes so your dog can be comfortable when getting to the car and back. These will work well in the winter and protect your pet from frostbite. Have some snacks and toys ready for your dog if they get hungry or nervous.

Always follow safety precautions for your commute with the dog

Prepare your car before you start commuting with your dog

Safety is a priority when commuting with a pet, especially if it is a larger dog breed in question. You can secure your dog to the seat with a harness attached to the seat belt. Another option is to put them in a crate secured to the seat so that it doesn’t move. Don’t keep the window open too much when driving, so you can prevent your dog from hurting themselves. You can keep your car clean by adding a seat cover to the back seat. A lint roller can be helpful in the car for keeping it clean from dog hairs. Pack your dog’s identification in the car to have it with you when commuting. When you finally prepare your dog and your vehicle for the commute, make sure to stay focused while you’re driving. Check everything that you need to do before you start the car. Avoid looking back at your dog as much as possible and shift your focus to the road.

Make sure your dog is not stressed

Talk to your dog during the ride to help them stay calm. From time to time, check on how they are feeling. Look at their body language to see if they are nervous. When commuting with your dog, it’s a good idea to give them treats occasionally to make them feel happier. If they are nervous about being in the car, it’s best to go on short routes before you start taking them on your commute. Once they feel comfortable spending more time inside the vehicle, you can begin commuting with them. It’s always better to slowly introduce your dog to something new rather than all at once.

When commuting with your dog, always secure them to their seat


 Moving, relocating with your dog


Moving with your dog

Moving can be more complicated for people with pets than for people without them. You have to coordinate the moving process while, at the same time, making sure your dog is handling everything well. The most important thing is to do everything you can to keep them safe during this process. Keep in mind that too many changes at once can upset your dog, so start packing slowly. To reduce the stress of moving your dog, you can take them to the new neighborhood and take them for a walk there. They will feel more comfortable with the move if it’s someplace familiar to them. When you first arrive at your new home with your dog, let them explore it on their own so they can get used to the change faster.

Commuting with your dog on public transportation

The number of pet-friendly places and forms of transportation is on the rise year after year. Many trains and subways will allow you to board with a dog. You can find a pet-friendly taxi that will take you and your dog where you need to go. Call the driver or the company ahead to check whether pets are allowed inside the vehicle. Choose a starting point where you can bring your dog into the car slowly and safely. If your dog gets nervous quickly in crowded spaces, bring something to distract them, such as a dog toy or a chewing bone. This way, they won’t disturb other people and will feel less stressed. Please keep your dog close to you and on a leash, so they don’t disturb any other passengers.

Moving can also be stressful for dogs, so make sure to make them as comfortable as you can during this time.

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Mistakes people make when commuting with dogs

Some people need to recognize when their pets are feeling uncomfortable or agitated. This mistake is important to avoid, so your dog doesn’t feel uneasy during the ride. Another mistake is not following safety precautions and letting the dog be inside the car without being secured to the seat. Some people leave their dogs in the car all alone, which is something you should never do. You never know what will happen or how long something you planned will take, so always take your dog with you when you go out. Another mistake is leaving the window open while you are driving. That is a bad idea because your dog can get hurt if they stick their head out of the window while it is moving.

Final thoughts

Taking your dog with you on your commute will make the trip more enjoyable. Why not make it enjoyable for your pet, too? Creating a safe environment will make them happy to follow you anywhere. Commuting with your dog will be much more relaxing when you know you have everything ready for traveling with your pet. With all the proper safety measures taken, nothing can go wrong. Just make sure to keep your pet comfortable during the commute and everything will go as planned.


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