Wash Your Dog’s Teeth!

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What’s one part of pet health that is often forgotten by a lot of fur-baby owners? If you guessed dental hygiene, then you’re right! Pet dental care is essential to address, because if you haven’t noticed, pets don’t exactly brush their teeth on their own - they have no means to! Although your pet will have his dental hygiene checked with every visit to the vet, that doesn’t mean you as an owner can’t take some precautions. Wash your Dogs Teeth

According to the American Veterinary Program, having your pet’s teeth checked regularly can prevent many problems, including but not limited to: 

  • Bad breath
  • Broken or loose teeth
  • Extra, or baby teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Abnormal chewing or drooling
  • Reduced appetite
  • Pain, bleeding, or swelling in the mouth

It also allows the vet to ensure that your dog doesn’t have any sort of nasty infection in his mouth, such as periodontal disease or infected teeth. Your veterinarian will let you know if your pet has to undergo any type of surgery. Scared for your pooch’s well being? Not to worry, your vet is a very trustable place, and they will allow for anesthesia to help minimize the pain and discomfort your dog feels. 

But what’s the best way to prevent this altogether? Start taking preventative measures! Prevention is the number one way to avoid costly surgeries and hygiene costs in the future. The best way to do this is to frequently remove your pet’s dental plaque and tartar that forms on teeth that are not kept clean. Although daily brushing is ideal, we understand that this is difficult for many pet parents to maintain. Instead, we recommend using other pet products to improve your pet’s dental health. 

For instance, treat your dog to a chewable dental treat from our store, to help them keep their teeth clean in a fun and spontaneous way! However, if you do have time in your hands, then consider investing in toothpaste for your pet, and help them brush their teeth every once in a while! Your pet may be in denial of doing so at first, but after a while they will get used to it! 

Best of luck on your journey on helping your dog maintain better dental hygiene (and we’re hoping you're doing the same!) Have a great rest of your day, and we hope to see you again for our next post! 

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