You Got This: Managing Your New Business and a New Pet

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Sometimes exciting adventures come in pairs, like starting a new business and adopting a pet. If you are trying to manage being a new pet parent while opening a business, you probably deserve a badge of courage. If doing all these simultaneously feels a bit overwhelming, remember that soon you will have established habits and routines that make both responsibilities more manageable. 

To help with the transition and access great advice and pet supplies, visit Le Pet Luxe for a wide range of products, from practical supplies to items just for fun, as well as resources that offer inspiration to help you in your pet parenting journey. One of the most useful strategies for a pet parent and business owner is to create a predictable routine.

Being Predictable Is Cool

The next time someone says “you’re so predictable,” thank them! Being predictable with your routine brings comfort to your new pet and structure to your business. Animals with a history of neglect are particularly sensitive to an unpredictable schedule. In fact, they expect you to be unpredictable since that has been their experience with humans. Proving your trustworthiness is an important part of their healing process. 

Establishing structure for your pet and your business starts with a consistent wake-up routine. Provide food and water to your pet at the same time each morning and evening. Go for daily walks together at routine times for exercise and bonding — this will also require you to start and end your workdays on time, reducing your stress level. 

Create a routine for each day of the workweek. Planning your tasks in advance will save time and keep you on track. Try to streamline your business tasks as much as possible. Delegate to employees when you can. Set smartphone or AI reminders to help you stay on track, such as alerts to monitor inventory on certain days of the week. Apps can also help your business and assist in pet care.

Use Resources to Your Advantage

If your new business is a work-from-home venture, chances are your furry partner will be spending a lot of time inside the house with you. Be sure you’re prepared with plenty of playthings to keep them busy. Have treat balls and Kong toys handy, both of which have holes through which you can insert treats that your pup will work hard to get out. They’re also great for playing fetch. Dental chews are also good to have around, as they keep your pet busy chewing for hours.

Technology and apps can simplify your life and help you meet your responsibilities. There are a ton of useful pet care apps. MyPet Reminders can help you remember vet appointments and other important dates, while the PetParent app shows parks that are pet-friendly, area groomers, and daycare locations. Check out groomer and daycare options online and read reviews prior to making a choice for your pet. There are even free online games for cats to play, such as Cat Fishing, and ways to monitor your furry friend when you are apart with video technology that streams to your smartphone. 

While apps can be useful for your pet, they are also necessary for running your business. Accounting programs simplify your efforts significantly and save you a lot of time in front of the computer. ShipStation helps with online ordering processes, offering alerts, package tracking, and brand-friendly label printing options. Video conferencing apps like Slack and Fuze offer the latest technology for virtual meetings. As you manage your life as a business owner and pet parent, use tech to simplify as much as possible. 

It’s That Simple

You don’t have to be a minimalist to know that keeping things simple is the best policy. It may help to consider formulating your business in a way that reduces paperwork while limiting your liability and offering tax advantages. Filing as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can simplify your work life and offer you more time with your pet. Check out state regulations as they differ. Delegate the task of filing to a formation company to save you time — it’s a much cheaper option than hiring an attorney. 

You and your pet will have more time for bonding and making memories when you simplify your life. Your little guy loves you unconditionally, so show him the same love and care in everyday life. Affection, consistent routines, and, most importantly, quality time will solidify your bond. 


by Cindy Aldridge

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