What new ideas have you brought to marketing your products?

We have blazed New Frontiers in how we package and present our line of products.  Our packaging is uniquely designed for more that just a first impression – it serves as much more than a simple marketing tool. When consumers first encounter our lineup they actually “see” what’s inside (no dog food cans or bags here) allowing a transparent presentation of our quality, freshness and protection of the ingredients we use. Our clear jars act as a barrier to outside contaminants found in all environments and naturally preserve the color, smell, taste and nutrition and help restrict gases or vapor entering our products which might result in spoilage. It extends the shelf life without the need for “unnatural preservatives” harmful to the health of your pets. Our extensive research showed us how glass is the best packaging method for the environment and lends a uniqueness that helps us stand apart from the usual food products surrounding us.