A tail we could wag Side-Release Dog Collar ~ At the Beach Catalina

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This is a collar with personality! Show off your dog’s playful side with one of our colorful, hand-woven patterns. And if play time gets a bit rough and tumble, just toss your a tail we could wag collar in the wash. This rugged collar is machine washable, colorfast, and built to withstand many a doggy adventure.

Our side-release buckles are the best we’ve seen, not only durable and strong but also easy to put on and take off. With our premium nylon webbing and solid brass hardware, which won’t ever chip or rust, these collars are ready to stand up to years of wear.

  • colorful, hand-woven design
  • machine washable and hang dry
  • durable nylon backing

NOTE: Not all patterns lend themselves well to very narrow widths. Please check individual products for availability. Thanks!


At the Beach Bahama At the beach Catalina At the Beach nantucket Block Island Blue Block Island Coffee Black Island Sand Camas Flower



  • Extra Small - 9"-12"
  • Small - 11"-15"
  • Medium - 14"-20"
  • Large - 18"-25"
  • Extra Large - 23"-30"



    XS Side Release Collars adjust 9″ – 12″  and are 1/2″ wide

    S Side Release Collars adjust 11″ – 15″ and are 3/4″ wide

    M Side Release Collars adjust 14″ – 20″ and are 1″ wide

    L Side Release Collars adjust 18″ – 25″ and are 1″ wide

    XL Side Release Collars adjust 23″ – 30″ and are 1″ wide


      Proudly Made in USA!

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