Advanced Calming Chews

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What Are Advanced Calming Chews?

Presenting the new all-natural calming aid for dogs.  

Made with therapeutic and natural plant-based ingredients, Calming Chews give pet parents a potent way to help ease their doggo’s anxious behavior and tendencies. Innovative treats help you treat your dog’s anxiety while giving them a delicious treat they’ll barking love.  

Our pups can struggle with a long list of fears from thunderstorms to separation from their owner, but no matter the cause of the fear, stress, aggression, or hyperactivity, Calming Chews are here to help. Your dog deserves to be calm! 

Advanced Calming Chews replaces all other natural remedies for dogs with anxiety, including hemp oil, chamomile supplements, and valerian Root with passion flower. 

Anxiety In Dogs

Just like us, many of our canine best friends struggle with anxiety for many reasons, and it can come out in many different forms.

Common signs of mild-to-moderate stress can range from a tucked tail, withdrawn ears, pacing, and a desire to leave the room or hide. 

Serious symptoms of anxiety can result in aggression to others, destruction of property, potty accidents in the house, and reluctance to eat. Even barking at other dogs that are outside can indicate your dog is struggling with stress or chronic anxiety. 

Treating Anxiety in Dogs

Training is the key to ultimately eliminating a dog’s anxiety issue, but training time, work, and the pup continues to suffer from their anxiety in the meantime. To help, veterinarians will sometimes prescribe a medication such as an SSRI or antidepressant. 

However, thanks to Hemp CBD, many have made the switch to a non-sedative and natural anxiety relief for dogs that often provides a significantly safer side effect profile. Together with other wonderful calming ingredients like Chamomile and L-Tryptophan, Hemp’s ability to reduce anxiety is truly unleashed. 

The best thing about using Calming Hemp treats for dogs — besides giving your pup a scrumptious treat when they really need it — is it's perfect for mild stress that doesn’t warrant serious medication. But it’s equally as fantastic for helping serious anxiety conditions that do. 

How Do Dog Calming Chews Help Anxiety?

Whether it’s prepping your dog for an oncoming storm or helping them calm down after someone knocks on the door, Calming Chews harnesses the soothing benefits from 12 of Mother Nature’s most therapeutic and loved ingredients.

Hemp CBD, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Valerian Root, Theanine, Ginger Root, Tryptophan, Ashwagandha, Thiamine, and St John's Wort work synergistically and take their paths to help bring calmness, ease, and peace to our pups’ minds and bodies.

And what better way to give your dog all these soothing and calming ingredients than calming dog treats that rewards your doggo’s taste buds. Great for quickly taking their mind off their anxiety! 


Jumping, whimpering for attention, barking, restlessness, and other hyperactive tendencies can make having guests over stressful as well put you in an embarrassing situation when out on walks. Ginger root, Chamomile, and Passion Flower are just a few of the calming ingredients that help keep over-excitement at bay. 


Calming Dog Treats feature a superior ratio of hemp CBD, Ashwagandha, and Valerian Root for faster and stronger help with stress, so those puppers that struggle with daily stress like separation anxiety can finally rest easy. Handy when traveling, when out on walks, and any other times when bumps in the road have your dog stressing out. 


When our dogs are hiding, trembling, and freaking out due to loud noises like fireworks, we often rush to give them a treat to calm them down. Now, you can give them a treat that truly helps calm them, and it's still deliciously savory to take their mind off the scariest of storms. Who doesn't love being rewarded when feeling down?! 


Aggressive and destructive behavior is often the result of a complex anxiety condition and one of the hardest to treat. Thanks to Hemp CBD, Theanine, and Thiamin, along with the rest, Calming Treats help give aggressive dogs the inner peace and mental clarity that’s key to calming the storm in their head. 


Key Features

  • Designed With All Anxiety Conditions 
  • For Mental & Physical Stress
  • Over 10 Delightfully Natural Anxiety-Reducing Ingredients 
  • All-Natural & Organic 
  • Independently Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO & No Pesticides or Soy 

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