Bristly Pre-Biotic Toothpaste - Beef Flavor

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The only oral health Pre-Biotic + Enzymatic dog toothpaste increases the effectiveness of dog dental routine when used with Bristly brushing stick.

Maintaining your dogs oral hygiene is the most important part of keeping them healthy. Supporting dental cleaning can help prevent further oral complications later in a canine’s life. Since Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease are so common in older dogs, it is highly advised to get your dog on an oral hygiene regimen as soon as possible! To help you get started, we’ve created our Bristly Pre-Biotic toothpaste! This toothpaste not only helps to get rid of harmful bacteria in your dog’s mouth, but it also works to freshen breath and reduce inflammation. 


Features: Unique 2-in-1 benefit

  • Fights harmful bacteria

  • Creates a healthy environment for “good” bacteria to grow
  • Reduces inflammation & helps maintain a healthy mouth
  • Enzymatic action kills bad bacteria while fighting plaque and tartar
  • Powerful Prebiotic blend promotes good bacteria for a healthier mouth and fresher breath.


    *For maximum benefits, use all Bristly products as part of your dog’s daily dental routine.

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