Jackson Galaxy Mojo Maker Air Wand With 1 Toy

Jackson Galaxy Mojo Maker Air Wand With 1 Toy

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Wands will keep your curious cat's mind stimulated for hours!

These cat toys were designed with unique telescoping functions and interchangeable toys. Interactive cat wands are great for cats with air and ground pursuit interests.

Pet parents choose from air prey wands for cats that chase birds and flying objects; ground prey wands for cats drawn to mice and other scurrying critters. Increases your cat's confidence and overall sense of well-being by satisfying one of his raw, natural instincts.

Use twitching, unpredictable movements as you play to simulate a moving target in the wild. The telescoping feature allows you to make the handle longer or shorter and direct the play. Air Wand fully extended with toy is 68" and Ground Prey Wand fully extended with toy is 64".

This Product/Package Measures: 10.00 in. L x3.90 in W x2.00 in D


Guaranteed Analysis

Extend the telescoping portion to your desired length. Pull the retractable cord from the end, pushing the button to retract. Wave the toy to simulate the hunt for airborne targets.