Personalized Pet Portraits ~ Dogs..

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Enjoy a personal, long lasting, timeless art pieces so you can keep those treasured memories alive forever...

Capture your pet in an incredibly lifelike portrait.

Have your pet produced in an exclusive, personalized pet portrait that will captures the soul and character of each animal in amazing lifelike portraits


About the artist 

Cyrille Saura is a Swiss artist, raised in France and living in British Columbia, Canada. She specializes in wildlife art and pet portraits, using a combination of the best professional quality colored pencils and paper, but also gouache and collage in colourful compositions. Cyrille aims to express a connection to a higher dimension of life.  She uses geometry and architectural influences in amazing lifelike portraits through a long process (average 20-25 hours).

She has been raised in a family of artists who provided her with all the tools she wanted, a huge art library and many visits in the museums. She has studied architecture in Montpellier and Paris.


Size, specifications, multiple portrait, full body

You can check the main sizes available below. If you require a different size, please contact us. All prices are for unframed portraits

*Framed portraits are also available upon request.

Portrait Sizes

Size (Inches)

1 subject

2 subjects / full body

3 subjects

6 x 8 US $240 ~ ~
8 x 10 US $370 US $430 ~
10 x 12 US $470 US $550 US $640
12 x 16 US $600 US $700 US $830
14 x 18 US $840 US $940 US $1020
16 x 20 US $960 US $1040 US $1120
18 x 24 US $1120 US $1200 US $1290




Cyrille works from 1 or several photos to make sure she brings out the soul and personality of you pet(s). For best result we ask for good quality photograph. They must be clear, showing the true colour of your pets fur, (the more detailed the better), eye images must be clear and visible. We are happy to help you select the best picture(s).


Free standard shipping Worldwide. Express shipping is also available upon request. 

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