Pine Wood Bowl Stand ~ Medium

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Serve your pet in style with our medium pet bowl stand, which elevates two bowls—perfect for food and water or for feeding two dogs. The glossy black stand, crafted of pinewood finished with glossy black lacquer, allows your furry baby to eat at the optimal feeding posture.

  • Your dog is worthy of healthier feeding
  • Save space in the right place


Our cooling dog bowls fit perfectly in the stand.



        • Feeding from elevated bowls places less strain on neck, hips, shoulders and joints.
        • Promotes better posture and is important for older dogs and those with arthritis.
        • Raised bowls also create better access to food and water which can help facilitate movement of food when traveling from the mouth to the stomach.
        • Using elevated dog bowls can help to minimize splashing of water out of the bowl.
        • Lifting the bowls higher makes a more stable surface. (Now dog doesn’t have to chase what he’s trying to eat and keeps the dog “feeding ground” cleaner than if the bowl was placed directly on floor level.)
        • Built with sleek, streamlined style that suits modern decor
        • Our exclusive pet bowl stand collapses for compact transportation and convenient storage.
        • No need to bend down as far when filling and cleaning the bowl's. 



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