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YOUR PROBLEM: There is nice looking harnesses out there, but they don’t fit properly, or the quality is poor. There are harnesses with great amount of reflective, but are you sure those are safe otherwise?


Visibility Harness is made from the best qualities, it’s ergonomic, reflective, and tested to withstand the pulling forces. And the minimalistic look is also a sight for a sore eye.

Visibility Harness is designed so that it doesn’t restrict the dog’s movement. Padded chest part divides pulling forces to larger area. Dogs don’t come from the same mold, even the best harness won’t fit all dogs without proper adjustment. PAIKKA Visibility Harness can be adjusted around the neck and girth for individual fit. Don’t you just hate when the adjustments keep sliding? Our adjustments are solid and stay put.

Visibility Harness is easy to dress and undress. Quick side release buckles are found on both sides of the girth strap. Easy to use, yet strong aluminum buckle on the neck strap allows you to open the neck part too. This is a great help if you have a rescue who is hesitant of things going over their head, or if you have a dog with big ears and during summer when the dog is wearing tick collar.

The harness is made of reflective material to provide safety in low light conditions. Reflective fabric everywhere, in the chest and at the back ensures your dog is visible in car headlights. 

All harnesses and leashes go through careful testing. This harness has been tensile strength tested.



  • Highly reflective – ultimate safety in low light conditions!
  • Comfortable fit allows free movement.
  • Individual fit – adjustable from the neck and girth.
  • Easy to dress – opens also from the neck.


Available sizes:

 Size Neck Girth
34-38 cm / 13.5-15 Inch 36-56 cm / 15.5-22 inch
36-42 cm / 14-16.5 inch 42-68 cm / 16.5-27 inch
40-46 cm / 15.5-18 inch 48-80 cm / 19.5-31.5 inch
46-54 cm / 18-21.5 inch 50-92 cm / 19.5-36 inch
XL 52-60 cm / 20.5-23.5 inch 50-104 cm / 20.5-41 inch
XXL 58-68 cm / 23-27 inch 50-118 cm / 21.5-46.5 inch

Finding the perfect size

To determine PAIKKA harness size, measure your dog’s collar circumference at the base of the neck.

Girth strap has plenty of adjustment, so it’s the neck and overall fit that will determine the size. Girth strap should be placed behind the front legs so that there’s enough room for shoulder flexion and the strap will not rub the delicate armpit area.

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Designed in Helsinki, Finland.
Responsibly made in China.

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