Why would you push your dog in a stroller? Your dog is not a kid!

Pet parents are starting to realize the advantages of using a dog stroller.

So Many Benefits of Using a Dog Stroller

  • Injured dogs
  • Senior dogs
  • Easier vet visits
  • Stress reduction
  • Safely go to work
  • Recovering from surgery
  • It's a no-strain pet carrier
  • Events or large gatherings
  • Traveling on a ferry or boat
  • Great for longer outings and shopping
  • Getting in shape without Tiring your dog
  • Safely out of the way or Urban Traffic and parades
  • Helping hand for older humans or older dogs
  • Transporting foster puppies or kittens
  • Fresh air, No walking (for the injured)
  • Safety around aggressive dogs
  • Access to "restricted" places
  • Multi dogs, multi directions
  • Less stressful evacuations
  • Paw protection
  • Charity fun run
  • Small dogs