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🐾 Le Pet Luxe is more than just another pet store.

Le pet luxe is a puppies and adult pet care online store. We offer an exclusive range of luxury dog products to keep your pets healthy and happy, so that you can enjoy many years together. Although pets of all ages and abilities will enjoy our beds, carriers, bowls, and crates, we specialize in:

• Ramps and stairs that help aging pets feel young again and ease stress on bones and joints.

• Gym-quality treadmills to relieve weight-related health issues in sedentary pets or a pet needing rehab.

• Revolutionary new wheelchairs for the ultimate in pet accessibility and comfort.

• Organic essential oils to soothe anxiety and improve mental health.

Nothing feels better than seeing the spark of joy reignite in the eyes of a pet that has suffered health and wellness challenges. We are happy to offer your own, personal, concierge service. Shop our full line of products and invest in a better future for your pet.

Your pet needs just as much love and additional comfort as you. For this, we have carefully selected specialty items that will help comfort your pet and make the years better for the whole family.

🐶 Happy November ~ Leave No Pet(s) Behind ! 😸

November is a PAWsome month! Full of fun!

🐾 National Senior Pet Month 🐾

🐾 National Adoption Month 🐾

🐾 Pet Cancer Awareness Month 🐾

🐾 National Diabetes Month 🐾

🐾 🐾


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Thank you in advance—not only for your loyalty to Le Pet Luxe, but for your patience! 

The pack at Le Pet Luxe are with you, your family and fur babies and hope that our products offer you some comfort and support as we take on this challenge together.

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