Before and After

~ This is what can transpire by helping out a Fur Baby ~

Bayou Bully Rescue miniature poodle severely neglected
Rescued Dog Rescued Black Kittens
starving, close to death rescued and rehabilitated Rescued Pitbull
Rescued kitten Rescued Dog
Boo the rescued matted little dog Shrek found barely moving wounds, raised in puppy mill
Matted and Miserable Dog Found barely alive, horrible eye infection
Miley the rescue dog from the rebble Neglected Bichon Frise
Hairless from stress, bones poking through skin Rescued Starving Dying Dog
Rescued White Pitbull Matted and Miserable
Rescued Dog from Soi Asia Kenzi Cocker Spaniel abuse/neglected
Rescued Starving Dying Dog Little Betty abandoned by owners.
Rescued kitten with eye infection Theo abandoned living on streets rescued by Hope For Paws