Good News

 There's no news like woof news 

 What a little love and caring can do!

Thanks to special people  like

🐾Ingrid Awtrey Law,  🐾Cornelia Jones, 

🐾Sebahat Hanifeoglu @ Dumpster Doggies,  

🐾Peace and Paws Dog Rescue, and many others...

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Ingrid Awtrey Law helped this emaciated, sweet dog Lucy Loo, and did not give up. 



Meet Sebahat. These days she is trying to feed more than 600 dogs that she visits in 7 different zones in a 300 km (187 miles) area around where she lives. This goes on in an area of deprivation, where people are poor, not educated and they do not care about strays. She and other volunteers get no help from them. Their funds are limited, and they are trying to collect enough food for the dogs, which amounts to 1500 kg (3307 lbs) of dry food per month. Sebahat and the volunteers are also working on spaying project for which they have been saving for a while now. They are working hard, but they need more funds.

 Dumpster Doggies



Orangutan rescues pup and becomes best friends!



This boy was photographed saving a puppy from a flood in Asia. Thank you Amazing world for your image.



As firefighters fight major fires all over the world, this is one of the coolest pictures coming out of Australia.

firefighters fight major fires all over the world, Australia.