FAQ's for Twistep


What do I need in order to use the Twistep?

  • The Twistep for SUV’s requires a 1.25” or 2” receiver hitch
  • The Twistep for Trucks requires a 2” receiver hitch


Where can I get a trailer hitch?

  • We recommend the following places for purchase/installation of hitch receivers:
    • Local auto dealership
    • U-Haul
    • Etrailer.com
    • AutoAnything.com


Can I use the Twistep if I don’t have a receiver on my vehicle?

  • No.  A hitch is required to use this product.
    • The Twistep for SUV’s requires a 1.25” or 2” receiver hitch
    • The Twistep for Trucks requires a 2” receiver hitch


How Much Clearance should I have for the Twistep?

  • A minimum of 16” ground clearance is required from the lower-edge of the receiver.
  • There should be no interference from a bumper or a spare tire below the receiver hitch so the Twistep may rest under the vehicle (you should have 6 inches between where the bottom of the receiver hitch sits and where the platform will rest under your vehicle).
    • It does not fit a 2019 Subaru Ascent and most mini-vans due to either the bumper configuration and/or ground clearance.


Do I need to assemble anything when it arrives?

  • The Twistep comes fully assembled but you may need to adjust the height. Then the only task you will have is to attach it to your hitch and tighten the bolt with a wrench (They require a 7/8 inch wrench, or 22mm socket wrench fitting)


Do you sell the Twistep in stores so I can see if it will work on my vehicle?

  • The Twistep is currently only available for online purchase.


What is the weight limit for the Twistep?

  • The Twistep for will hold up to 400 pounds on a Class III Hitch – So don’t be afraid to use this step to reach your rooftop cargo.


What does the warranty cover on my Twistep?


Do I need the Extension Bracket?

  • The need for an Extension bracket depends on the type of vehicle you own. It is designed to give added clearance when there is a spare tire or gas tank located under your vehicle that would impede the Twistep from rotating.  If you are not sure if your vehicle will require this item please contact us.
    • Known vehicles that require an Extension Bracket are:


How far below the vehicle will the Twistep platform be resting?

  • At its shortest setting the Twistep sits 6” below the receiver hitch


How far out does the Twistep extend behind the vehicle when it is in the stowed position?

  • This would depend on several variables. The location of your bumper, how your receiver hitch is installed and which setting you have used to attach your Twistep.  See attached document for measurements.


Which HitchLock do I need?

  • The Threaded HitchLock you need depends on the type of Twistep you purchase
    • For the Twistep for SUV’s you need the (Item# 6033)
    • For the Twistep for Trucks you need the (Item# 6001) – for a 2”x2” Receiver exclusively
  • I have a 2” receiver why do I need a 1 ¼” HitchLock (Item# 6033) for SUV version of Twistep?
    • The Twistep for SUV’s is made with a 1.25” foot, it comes with an adapter for 2” receivers but still requires the 1.25” Threaded Hitchlock


Is the Twistep height adjustable?

  • The Twistep for SUV’s has a variable of approximately 3” of height adjustment
  • The Twistep for Trucks as a variable of approximately 2” of height adjustment


What if my Twistep is difficult to rotate?

  • Check for rust and to see if your T-Handle has been damaged.
    • Remove the T-Handle with a wrench to see if it is bent or if the tip has been damaged.


Where can I purchase a new T-Handle?


What maintenance do I need to do on my Twistep?

  • We recommend you clean your Twistep from time to time with soap and water, to ensure sand, grit and other debris does not interfere with TWISTEP's smooth operation. In salty conditions, wash the TWISTEP thoroughly at least every week.
  • Stow the Twistep out of the way or remove it completely if you drive through a car wash
  • Routine lubrication of Twistep is required around the T-Handle shaft to ensure the knob lifts easily and platform rotates
    • Apply lubrication to the round rotation surface, the area directly below the tower assembly.
    • We recommend using Use 3-In-One® generously and often


Can I use the same Twistep on multiple vehicles?

  • Yes, as long as the vehicles have a compatible receiver hitch. The height may need to be adjusted to the specific vehicle but it is easily removed and installed.


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If you need the T-Handle Replacement for the Twistep... please reach out for that particular item by calling: 888-722-5240. Let them know Le Pet Luxe sent you.