What makes Miss Autumn’s Barquery foods the “Gold Standard?”

We have ten criteria by which we judge our products to assure pet owners they meet the “Gold Standard“:

  1. Organic – there are no additives, produced with non-artificial methods, free of materials and conditions such as chemical ripening, and no genetically modified ingredients including synthetic pesticides.
  2. Human Grade – the term actually means the final product is legally suitable and approved for human consumption…edible.  Unlike the regulations for human foods by the FDA and USDA, the pet food industry is a loosely controlled industry and that just wasn’t good enough for our furry pals.
  3.  Ingredient Quality – using clinical studies and  safety data, these ingredients are recognized to be of higher quality without the use of “generic” products.
  4. Non GMO – the term GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, engineered in a laboratory setting. The Scientific community as well as environmental groups have cited many health risks with GMO additives produced for human or animal consumption.
  5. Hypoallergenic/ low allergen proteins – specifically designed with few or no irritating substances these proteins reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response when consumed.
  6. Holistic – When a product is labeled as “natural”, it is in accordance with FDA guidelines, meaning the ingredients haven’t been chemically altered. Similarly, to human food, organic pet products are marked with an official seal of the USDA to qualify.
  7. No By-Products or Fillers – Fillers have four things in common…cost effective to produce/easily turned from raw form to processed ingredients/stabilizing for storage and shipping/and lacking species-appropriate nutrition for dogs or cats. By-Products are taken from “4-D” meat sources which are food animals rejected for human consumption because they arrived at a meat packing facility either DEAD, DYING, DISEASED or DISABLED.
  8. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives – food without ANY chemicals or additives like “color” (like our dog will really believe that’s a tiny chicken leg or fresh garden vegetable), “flavors” (rarely used in pet food), “non-natural preservatives” (also suspected to increase the risk of cancer).
  9.  No added growth hormones – products which are free of both added growth hormones and antibiotics.
  10. No Rendered Meats – The sad fact is that Rendering Facilities “obtain animal by-product materials from  animal shelters”, according to EPA documents. Other EPA findings report evidence of accepting condemned slaughterhouse animals, diseased or dying livestock and poultry,  slaughterhouse waste, road kill, euthanized pets from animal shelters and veterinarian offices (including the flea collars and their toxic chemicals and the powerful drugs used to euthanize them), dead farm animals, zoo animals, as well as rats, mice, spoiled and unsold grocery store meats still in the packaging, butcher shop trimmings not even fit for the butcher to reuse or sell and used restaurant grease…basically anything not fit for consumption.