La Petite Maison Custom Swiss Chalet Dog House


Coo Coo...

La Petite Maison offers custom designed dog houses for its clients throughout the country. Beautiful, Spacious interiors are standard features and are available with wallpaper options for dogs or cats. Elegant entrance way helps create a sophisticated, showcase  home. Well placed windows allow for significantly more light and views than the average dog house. They even have the ability to replicate a client's own home or accommodate custom designs.

In this 35 sq. ft. Swiss Chalet, European style shutters and balconies complete the authentic Swiss architecture.

However, each custom doghouse is created to the customer's specifications of size, style and color as well as amenities such as flooring, windows, lighting and artwork! Each design is customized to fit your pet's size and space requirements.

Prices start at $4,500 and go up based on specific customizations. Please email us at to start building your pet's dream home!