Martingale Rolled Collar

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Bridle leather is a wonderful leather used in the equestrian trade. We use it for our Rolled Martingale Collars for its strength, durability, and beauty.

Rolled Leather Martingale Collars are popular with owners of Mastiffs and similar large breeds!

ROLLED LEATHER MARTINGALE COLLARS are appropriate for training but are equally useful as an easy on / easy off collar for everyday use.

Just like our standard Rolled Leather Collars, our Rolled Leather Martingale Collars are designed for dogs with long fur because the smooth, rolled design will not mat the fur. These collars are just as comfortable – and beautiful – on a dog with short fur.


  • High-quality leather products for your pets.
  • Made in the USA.
  • We test our products for strength and durability and believe we bring you, simply, the best.
  • Protect delicate tracheas
  • Shearling is both cool and comfortable because it is naturally absorbent
  • Great for training

    NEW SIZES: 10″, 12″, AND 14″!

    Fully Closed to Fully Open Adjustment Ranges: NOTE THAT THE COLLAR SHOULD FIT SNUGGLY OVER THE DOG’S HEAD so that your dog cannot easily back out of the collar.

    These guidelines are meant to help assist in attaining a proper fitting collar. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you with your specific needs.


    • 10″ adjusts 5-1/2″ to 10″
    • 12″ adjusts 7-1/2″ to 12″
    • 14″ adjusts 10″ to 14″
    • 16″ adjusts 12″ to 16″
    • 18″ adjusts 12″ to 18″
    • 20″ adjusts 14″ to 20″
    • 22″ adjusts 16″ to 22″
    • 24″ adjusts 18″ to 24″
    • 26″ adjusts 20″ to 26″

    Color: Black, Burgundy, Tan

    Bridle Leather

    Quality full-grain bridle leathers are some of the most durable leathers available. If wet or soiled, leather should be allowed to air dry. (Never dry your collar or leash in direct heat!) Once dry, gently clean using a damp cloth.

    To nourish and help repel dirt and oils, treat the leather with a light coating of a product such Leather BriteTM conditioner or a neutral-colored leather balm. Apply according to the product's instructions.

    Leather and Vinyl Protector for your products. Sold here

    Proudly Made in the USA!

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