Reflective Combination Harness/Leash - Lavender

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A standard leash that converts quickly and easily to a harness in one easy-to-use system.

Simply fasten the leash to the collar, wrap the leash around the body, feed the handle loop and the adjustable disk through the slot, then position the leather disk to near the slot to prevent loosening.

You can walk with confidence knowing that you have control without causing him harm, since any pulling distributes the pressure to the chest rather than solely around the neck.

BONUS: This harness is almost impossible for your dog to slip out of on a walk!

Braided Nylon Rope with 3 rows of reflective material woven in using the same Reflective Rope as our other Reflective Leashes for when safety in low light matters!

Reflective leashes also available in both Standard Snap and Slip Leash styles.

A Reflective Leash is a must for hikers, hunters, and anyone who likes to take their pet for a walk.

  • Converts quickly and easily from a standard leash to a harness
  • Can also be used as a slip leash
  • Reflectivity for safety, even in low light
  • Maintain control without putting pressure on the neck
  • Great quality nylon that is MADE IN THE USA and stays soft
  • Perfect for medium to extra large dogs!
  • Makes it nearly impossible for a dog to back out of while on a walk
  • Double braided nylon rope – the same technique used in mountain climbing rope

Colors: LavenderBlackOrangeElectric BlueNeon PinkImperial Red

Size: Approximately 8-1/2′ overall length

 🇺🇸 Proudly Made in the USA!

Care Instructions: Use soft brush to remove loosed dirt. May be rinsed with clean water, if necessary, taking care not to soak leather. Hang to dry.


Leather and Vinyl Protector for your products. Sold here

Wrap the leash under your dog's chest, behind the front legsPass the handle and disc through the loop from belowTighten the harness and secure it by pushing down the disc

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