Seat Belt for Buckle ~ Dog Car Safety Belt

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The Mighty Paw Safety Belt was created BY dog owners FOR dog owners. Experience for yourself the convenience of knowing your dog is comfortable, safe and secure. It's the ultimate traveling experience for you and your dog.

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Every time your dog gets in the car they know there’s a chance of fun and adventure at the end of the ride which can make them wiggly and excited! Driving with distractions can put you and your pup at risk so we built our Dog Seat Belt to keep everyone safe while your pup rides in the car.

Built for safety, comfort, convenience, and durability, the Mighty Paw Dog Seat Belt is perfect for every trip you take together. The all-metal buckle is built with a human seat belt design, so it buckles in properly and stays secure while driving. The strap is adjustable to fit dogs of all sizes and includes a tangle-free swivel attachment. Built strong and durable with a rock-climbing carabiner made with Aviation Aluminum for a max force of 850+ lbs which allows for a quick release in the case of an emergency.


  • Seat Belt Clip Fits into any Seat Belt Outlet
  • Tangle-free Swivel Attachment
  • Adjustable Length for Comfort and Safety
  • Keeps You and Your Dog Safe While Driving
  • Buckles Securely and is IDENTICAL to a Human Car Seat Buckle
  • Solid, All-metal Hardware
  • Quick-Release, Extra Durable Carabiner Clip, 850+ lbs Force Tension Features
  • Made with durable, all-metal hardware and extra-strong nylon.
  • Easily clip the genuine seat belt buckle into any seat belt outlet.
  • Adds the highest level of safety and security while driving with your dog.


  • Adjustable length from 16 inches to 26 inches


  • Black


“My car was totaled… my husband and I were hurt severely but our Joy remained in her Mighty Paw safety belt and didn't suffer any injury.” - Laura
“This is exactly what I was looking for. I needed something strong and secure.” -Jeremy
“I gave it five stars for construction, durability and ease of use.” - Becky
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