Pet Memory Jar

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YOUR PROBLEM: We don’t want to think about it, but there comes a day when you have to say goodbye to your companion.

OUR SOLUTION: We would give our all if we had a solution to keep loved ones around forever. But this one is beyond our power. We have experienced the excruciating pain of letting go and we know how that breaks your heart. We also know how essential it is to honor the deceased and cherish the memories of our time together.

This Memory Jar is a beautiful and sophisticated way to pay tribute to your best friend. You can take comfort in knowing your pet will always be close by. You'll find yourself sharing a smile or fun memory by placing your pet's favorite item inside the glass jar. This reminds you of the good times you shared. The top portion is made of beautiful Mango wood that will hold the ashes inside, sealed with a rubber gasket. 

Key Features:

  • Urn part is made of sustainable Mango wood.
  • Each hand-blown glass jar is unique piece of art.
  • Change mementoes inside the jar. Here’s some ideas: a photo, his collar or a favorite toy.

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