Happy Take a Walk in The Park Day! Health Benefits of Walking Your Pet

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We can all use a little fresh air, and Take a Walk in the Park Day was designed just for that!

Take a Walk in the Park Day celebrates getting outdoors, exercise, and enjoying some time with a loved one, such as your adorable pup! 

Take a walk in the Park Day

While we traditionally think of walking a dog, many cats can also be leash trained and will enjoy a stroll in the park. Give it a try. You might be shocked! 

Need more convincing? Here are a few of the health benefits that both you and your pet can benefit from when you take a walk together. 

Emotional Health & Stress Relief

Taking time away from everything else to dedicate time to your dog or cat is a great way to deepen your bond with them and take a break from your hectic life. You are your pet’s universe, and nothing will make them happier than some one-on-one time with you.

One study found that 93% of pet parents found walking their dog relieved their dog’s stress. Burning excess energy can help your dog feel more relaxed and decrease negative behaviors resulting from too much energy, such as barking or fussiness. 

Joint Health

Both humans and dogs can get stiff sitting around all day, and with more and more of us working sedentary jobs, our joints can use some tender loving care. Taking a walk, even a short one, is enough to keep your joints moving and improve both your and your dog’s joint function. 

If your pet is struggling to get around nowadays, don’t fret! A pet stroller gives you the chance to take your pet on a nice outing to see the sights. You’ll still get all the exercise benefits and have a great time bonding with your pet on your outing.  

Weight Maintenance

Even a short, brisk walk has weight-maintenance benefits for both you and your pet. Walks keep us moving and boost our energy, which can translate into more activity in other parts of our lives. The Veterinary Centers of America cites that adults who took their dogs on regular walks were less likely to be obese than non-dog owners.

Unfortunately, many of us skip walks when we’re busy, even though we have even more to benefit from when busy between the stress relief and emotional connection benefits a walk with our pet can provide. Unsurprisingly, Mondays are found to be the most skipped day for walking our dogs. 

Not only this, but many pet parents make up for a missed walk by feeding our dogs special treats. 20% of pet parents admit to giving them extra treats or buying them expensive toys to make up for the missed walk. While we’re certainly not against a delicious treat, overfeeding our dogs puts them at risk of weight gain, which can impact their health negatively. 

Choose to invest in some yummy, special treats for your dog, but don’t use them to substitute a walk! Your dog can have the best of both worlds. 

Digestive and Urinary Health

The Veterinary Centers of America state that dogs who go on regular walks are less likely to become constipated. Being able to regularly “go” helps to keep the bladder empty, which also helps prevent bladder infections.

Does your dog or cat enjoy going on walks? 

Treat your pet to a new collar, leash, or harness to ensure they are secure before you take your walk. Don’t forget your dog waste bags either! 

We hope you have fun celebrating Take a Walk in the Park Day! Until next time, thanks for reading!

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