Meeting Your Dog’s Needs in Our Dog-Eat-Dog World

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With the busyness of our lifestyles today, sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our comings and goings it’s hard to keep everybody happy, including furry family members. Don’t let your four-legged friend fall through the cracks! Here is important information from Le Pet Luxe to help you know how to meet your dog’s needs in our on-the-go world. Don’t forget to visit our store to get everything you need to help your pooch live her best life!

Meeting Your Dog’s Needs in Our Dog-Eat-Dog World

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My dog needs what?

Many of us are well aware of what we should do to take care of ourselves. We’re inundated with messages about eating right, exercising and good self-care. However, our dogs can get pushed to the sidelines. As Forbes points out, we’re often so busy these days that tending to a dog's need for mental and physical activity often comes last, leading to an epidemic of canine obesity, behavioral troubles and lassitude. You can get a ballpark idea of what your adult dog should weigh by using an age/weight chart, but your vet can clue you in for sure on whether your dog is at healthy weight.


Individualize needs

Your dog’s lifestyle and activities should be optimized to maintain her overall health and attitude. Dogs’ needs vary depending upon age, health and breed, but generally speaking about an hour of activity each day will suffice. Consider carefully the kind of dog you have before engaging in any new workout routine. Some breeds are predisposed toward needing very little activity, such as short-nosed dogs like pugs who will be content with a good stroll around the block or a few vigorous rounds of fetch.

On the other hand, a foxhound will benefit from a more endurance-oriented activity, like jogging or hiking. Puppies can require more exercise than older dogs, and some dogs may need short, fast workouts more than lengthy ones. Talk to your vet to help determine what your dog’s individual exercise needs are.


Mind games and manners 

Stimulating your dog’s mind is another key to providing for her well-being. Cesar’s Way suggests looking at games to play with your dog which engage her mind. You can opt for a simple hide-and-seek game, with favorite treats around the house, or build elaborate obstacle courses. Or you can make a game from dangling a favorite toy on a string tied to a stick. Be creative! Some experts suggest keeping games with your dog short and not repeating them too often.

If you’re running out of ideas, opt for dog puzzles or teach traditional tricks, interspersing periods of rest and praise with the activities. Another thought, if you haven’t already trained your dog in basic etiquette it’s a skill you can teach at home. Learning basic dog manners will make outings to the park more pleasant for you, your dog and everyone around you.


On the move

Your dog’s physical health depends on exercise, and Vetstreet notes that some studies show as much as 20 to 40 percent of American dogs are overweight. Being overweight is a detriment to your dog’s health, causing stress on joints and increasing risk for cardiovascular issues, back problems and skin problems. It’s vital to keep up a routine when it comes to your dog’s workout.  

If you can only manage a trip to the park on the weekend and your dog needs outings throughout the week, you may need to get help. When you can’t keep up with your normal exercise routine or if you need someone to tag “in” once a day, hire a dog walker or pet sitter to pick up the slack. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your dog is spending time with someone who loves doggy adventures as much as they do. Additionally, consider products like a treadmill designed for dogs from Le Pet Luxe that can lend a hand when you don’t have a dog walker or pet sitter lined up for the day.

If your current home doesn’t really mesh well with your dog’s physical needs, it may be time to upgrade to a new place. If you rent, look for an apartment near dog parks or areas where you and your pet can safely go for a stroll. Sites like make it easy to sort through the hundreds of listings in nearby Tempe. You can also use search filters to ensure you’re only browsing through apartments that are pet-friendly.


Bonding for better health

Whatever endeavors you choose to do with your dog, keep a good attitude and make it fun. You’ll both enjoy the activities more, and if your attitude is poor your dog will sense it. Besides, as The Huffington Post explains, there are many health benefits for dog owners gained by simply spending time with your dog, such as improved heart health and lowered stress levels.

Take opportunities for general enjoyment of your dog and spend time bonding. Pats and belly-rubs are important, too! Remember, the engagement and activity is meant to improve quality of life for you both. 

We’re all busy these days, and it can be easy to let our furry family member’s needs slide. Ensure you’re meeting your dog’s needs for mental and physical stimulation, and spend some time bonding, too. You’ll both be happier and healthier!

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