Kuoser - Dog Outerwear, knits, Recovery Suits, Tuxedos, Life Jackets.

 Born from Love and Care
The founder of Kuoser has been committed to rescuing and sheltering stray dogs and protecting them from the cold for many years. Carrying the kind vision to design a product that keeps dogs warm and cozy in chilly weathers. Thus, the Kuoser brand has come to life.
Quality and Craftsmanship
Kuoser has been dedicated to designing highly adaptable pet apparel under multiple scenarios. After years of products research, development and innovation, Kuoser has now formed five major product series covering various dog breed and full sizes: Dog Outerwear, Dog Knits, Dog Recovery Suit, Dog Tuxedo and Dog Life Jackets.
Real moments, real connections
Kuoser plans pet wardrobes carefully around every important life stage of pets and their owners. Our team value the precious moments shared between each pet and owner, and we aspire to provide a unique and memorable experience for every pet owner.
Welcome to KUOSER - We, and they love your pets as you do.