DNA Test for Purebred Dogs

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The best kit for purebred dog owners who want a complete sense of their pet’s health to share with their veterinarian.

Embark’s DNA Test for Purebred Dogs provides dog owners with actionable health insights so they can give their dogs the best possible care.

With just a simple cheek swab, Embark screens for 200+ genetic health risks measures genetic diversity and can trace a dog’s breed and ancestry as far back as their great grandparents. Embark also features the world’s only canine DNA relative finder, so you can connect with your dog’s family.

Embark makes it easy to share results with your veterinarian, so the two of you can form a preventative, proactive health plan for your dog. If you do get an unexpected health result, veterinary geneticists are available for consultation.

As a research partner of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, Embark’s research-grade DNA genotyping platform allows us to make new discoveries to advance canine genetic science and help all dogs have longer, healthier lives.

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