Zen Clipper Precise

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Product Description 

Zen Clipper Precise gives you control and peace of mind when trimming your pet’s nails. You decide how much nail to trim, not the random movements of your furry family member! Simply adjust the blade opening to match the amount of nail to be trimmed and the patented adjustment system prevents the nail from going any further into the cutting area. The sharp, stainless-steel blades surround the nail and quietly clip, instead of crushing an uncertain length as with other nail trimmers.


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Zen Clipper Precise is a game-changing product that will give pet parents the confidence and peace of mind they deserve while trimming their pet’s nails thanks to its unique feature that “Clips the Tip, Not the Quick!”


Clips the Tip and Not the Quick

  • First and only adjustable nail clipper that’s safe, even when your pet moves.
  • The adjustable blade limits the amount of nail being clipped.
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel for a long-lasting, sharp-clipping edge and blades.
  • The cushioned non-slip handle and stainless steel make for a comfortable clipper that is durable, attractive and easy to use.
  • Designed in the USA.
  • Especially helpful for pet owners with limited near vision since it will prevent you from cutting off too much of the nail, even if you cannot see up close.
  • Suitable for almost size pet from dogs to cats, birds to reptiles. May not be suitable for large dogs above 100 lbs with very large, thick nails.

          Product Story

          Zen Clipper was invented by cat owner Michael Bihlmaier of Northwest Illinois. After years of struggling to keep his cats’ nails trimmed, Michael called on his background as a trained machinist to create a very special blade. Many prototypes were made and the shape of the Zen Clipper blade was refined again and again. The end result of all this effort is a patented nail trimmer, the only one like it, that ensures you will never trim more nail than you intend.


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