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A cat and a dog on the grass.There is no better care for your beloved furry friend than the one you can give them. However, there come times when you simply have to stay apart. And, although it is usually only for some time, it is never easy to leave your little friend behind. Luckily, nowadays, you can contact some of the numerous pet boarding facilities and ensure that your pet will stay safe and sound while you are away. However, if you have never had experience with such services, here are several things to know about boarding your pet. 


  1. Do the research and find the best one

If the time comes when you have to leave your pet at home for a very important business trip, and all your friends and your favorite pet sitter are busy, you should start thinking about pet boarding services. 

Although this may initially seem like leaving your beloved animal with a group of strangers – this is far from the truth. In most cases, it's a well-organized, professional service that will provide the best possible care to your pet while you are away. 

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Caption: You want the best for your pet, even when you’re away. 

The most important thing you should do is to do a little research and find several reputable pet boarding facilities and kennels in your town. Contact them to inquire about their services. Then, do not hesitate and pay a visit to each of them to ensure they can vouch for everything they promised. 


  1. Get informed about the rules

Preparing pet for international move or any other relocation is never an easy task. If you have ever traveled with your pets, you are already aware of the rules you need to follow to ensure a safe journey for them. One of the primary ones is proof of up-to-date vaccination. This will also be one of the first things every kennel will require. And in case you're not familiar with this procedure, don't hesitate to ask the professionals at the boarding facility to assist you.  

Moreover, since every boarding facility has its rules and requirements, it would be best to review them before making a decision. After you have all the regulations and conditions, you can choose the facility you think would be the best fit for your pet.  


  1. Do they permit your food?- one of the essential things to know about boarding your pet

Many dogs and cats are used to the specific kind of food their owners give to them. They even have a habit of eating from a particular bowl or feeder. Changing their everyday feeding routine can sometimes affect the digestive system and thus cause serious problems. All the more, if your pet is an older one. That is why, before you make any agreement with the kennel or a boarding facility, consider asking them about bringing your own food. It usually should not be a problem, but it's always better if you know for sure.  


  1. About the space

Another very important thing you need to check is the quality of the space your pet will spend time in. There, we primarily talk about cleanliness. The boarding facility certainly means your pet will have to share the space with many other furry friends. Keeping such a place clean is not an easy task. However, if the service they promise is of high quality, the level of hygiene will be apparent the moment you walk into the room. 

Moreover, all such boarding facilities should ensure separate accommodation for every animal they take care of. Especially when it comes to sleeping. And, you should insist on that. Plus, if your dog or cat has a favorite blanket, do not hesitate to pack this as well. 

A dog is sleeping on a pillowCaption: Ensure they always feel comfortable. 


  1. Treatments and medicines

It is not a rare case nowadays that many dogs and cats have certain kinds of special treatment or medicine they need to take during the day. If your pet is such a case, this is something that people who will take care of them should know. What's more, a crucial thing to make clear when boarding your pet is whether or not they will find adequate staff to conduct the necessary treatment. 

On the other hand, getting informed about what they do if your pet friend suddenly gets sick or needs urgent medical care is also essential. It may be easy for you to recognize the signs of pain in your pet, but it would be best if the others have a heads start.  


  1. Other special requirements

Special requirements are nothing strange to the boarding facility staff. Thus, don't be shy to mention them. If your dog or cat has some particular walking time or playing time, or you require some bathing or grooming services before going home, make that clear to the staff. 

One of the things to know about boarding your pet is whether or not they provide emergency medical services when needed.Caption: Your pet will be safe and sound, surrounded by professionals. 


  1. Make a reservation on time

In most cases, booking a place in a kennel or boarding facility is usually possible at any time. However, if you are sure you have found the one that perfectly suits all your and your pet's needs, do not wait. Make your reservation on time. You don't want to lose your place simply because you didn't reach out to them in advance. 


  1. Do not be theatrical

Saying goodbye is never easy. Even when it's not for too long. And, it seems like this is equally difficult for both the owner and the pet. Thus, try not to be too theatrical when dropping him off. Be sure your pet will feel your emotions; if you're sad, that can also stress them. So, simply put on your happy face and do it fast. The time will pass quickly, and you'll be soon together again. 

In conclusion, those would be some of the main things to know about boarding your pet. Now all you need to do is follow them carefully, and we assure you everyone will be happy. 

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Do you need someone to take care of your pet while you are away? Here are several things to know about boarding your pet. 

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  • It’s good that you advised us to pay a visit to each pet boarding facility I’m considering, so I can properly assess the condition of the place before I leave my dog with them. I’m going on a trip with friends next weekend, so I need someone to take care of my dog while we’re away for a while. I’ll be sure to follow your advice when I start looking for dog boarding services I might consider.

    Anna Collins on

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